Chapter 7. Packaging a solution 175
7.3 Packaging a solution with just the application
In a scenario where there is a need to update an existing application (possibly to apply a new
fix level or version), making a package of just the application is the best approach rather than
including all the required middleware in a solution. This gives you the flexibility of not having to
attempt middleware installation, leaving the current middleware configuration intact in your
target environment.
Basically, the same steps provided in Chapter 6, “Developing a wrapper” on page 91 are used
with some minor changes on the part of developing the solution project. You may use the
same application .ser file. However, if you need to change some information in the
application.axml and/or user programs of your project, the application project needs to be
In the solution project, you can modify or create a new solution.sxml with the same
information as your existing version. To make the solution deploy just the application, ensure
that your application (for instance, TradeWin) is the only application in the install task under
the Solution Tasks section of the Tasks page (see Figure 7-12). On the Validation page,
remove all variables that are not required during the deployment of your application. Rebuild
the solution using the procedure in 6.2.6, “Building the Trade6 solution” on page 143.
Figure 7-12 Install task for single application solution
This scenario produces the following files:
򐂰 TradeWinSolution.ser (application only)
򐂰 tradewin.xx.userPrograms.jar
򐂰 tradewin.xx.jar
176 IBM Express Runtime V2.1
Your user programs will check for all prerequisites, such as the existence of DB2 or
WebSphere Application server on the target system, but if some middleware is not installed,
your solution will not install it.
You may now make a package out of these files for deployment.

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