Chapter 8. Deploying a solution 183
8.4 Installing the IBM Installation Agent (IIA)
Remote deployment is a process that installs a solution on a remote computer. We call this
remote computer Target Computer. Before starting remote deployment, we need to install
IBM Installation Agent on a Target Computer. The IBM Installation Agent is an application that
acts as an interface for software installations. We need to install this agent on each remote
computer where we want to deploy a solution.
The agent acts as a listener process that waits for a connection from a system where you run
Deployment Wizard. On i5/OS (known as OS/400 prior to Version 5 Release 3)*, the IBM
Installation Agent runs as a background program.
For supported platforms, refer to Table 8-1 on page 178. For system requirements, refer to
8.1.1, “System requirement” on page 178.
To locate the executable for the operating systems onto which you want to install IIA, refer to
the following directory structure of the IIA installation CDs:
򐂰 diskIIA1
doc/ — This directory contains Web-based documentation in any supported
readme/ — This directory contains installation instructions for IBM Installation Agent.
linux/ — This directory contains installation programs and licenses for Linux.
w32/ — This directory contains installation programs and licenses for Windows.
򐂰 diskIIA2
linuxOnPOWER/ — This directory contains installation programs and licenses for
Linux on POWER.
os400/ — This directory contains installation programs and licenses for OS/400.
Errors encountered before the installation program is able to determine the destination path
(or errors with the destination path specified) are logged to the current directory, unless
write-access is not allowed. If write-access is not allowed, the errors are not logged.
To install the IBM Installation Agent, you must be logged on to the target computer as a user
with administrator authority (root for Linux or Administrator for Windows, or a user profile that
has SECOFR user class with all special authorities for i5/OS or OS/400). The installation fails
if you are not logged on as an administrator, and there might not be any error messages
logged to IRU_IIAInstall.log indicating the problem. If the installation fails and no information
is available in the log file, exit the installation, log in as a user with administrator authority, and
try the installation again.
Note: Remember, for all platforms, additional space is required to deploy and run each
application that you install on a target computer. Refer to IBM Installation Agent Product
Documentation available on the First Steps menu for more details.
184 IBM Express Runtime V2.1
8.4.1 Installing on Windows, Linux, and Linux on POWER
Follow these steps to install IIA:
1. You can perform installation of IBM Installation Agent with a graphical user interface (GUI).
Select the command appropriate for your platform (these commands are located on
different CDs and in different folders):
For Windows, use this command:
For Linux, use this command:
For Linux on POWER, use this command:
2. Ensure that both the setup.exe and launchpad.exe setup files exist in the same directory
for each platform.
For Linux and Linux on POWER, we also need to have an X11 graphical environment
available for using Launchpad program.
3. The LaunchPad main window contains the following links:
Install — Starts the IBM Installation Agent installation wizard.
Installation Guide — Displays the IBM Installation Agent information center, providing
detailed information about installing the IBM Installation Agent.
Exit — Exits the LaunchPad.
Click Install and follow the prompts to install the IBM Installation Agent as it is shown in
Figure 8-2.
Figure 8-2 Install Shield Wizard for IBM Installation Agent

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