Appendix A. Installing and uninstalling Job Watcher details 197
10.A summary of your selections appears. This window also has options for deleting the
temporary libraries used during the installation. During the install process these libraries
hold the restored contents of the save files sent to the server. Keep these only if you have
problems with the install. They can be used by IBM service for problem determination.
Click Finish to copy all of the files and run the commands that are needed to install the
this portion of Job Watcher. The server portion of the installation may take a few minutes.
Figure A-9 iDoctor for iSeries Setup Wizard: Summary
After the install completes, the setup log file appears. If any errors occur, send this file to for assistance.
Uninstalling Job Watcher
This section has the uninstall process for Job Watcher on both the server and the client side.
Server side
To uninstall an iDoctor for iSeries component, remove the libraries created during the
installation. Table A-1 shows the libraries installed on the server by component.
Table A-1 Install libraries on the server by component
Client side
To remove iDoctor for iSeries from your PC, select the uninstall program from the Start Menu.
Select Start
Programs iDoctor for iSeries Uninstall iDoctor for iSeries.
Note: This section does not apply to the PTDV component.
Heap Analyzer PEX Analyzer Job Watcher
198 IBM iDoctor for iSeries Job Watcher: Advanced Performance Tool

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