Appendix B. Search Application Customizer 463
Figure B-2 Steps to customize a search application using Search Application Customizer
SACSTEP1: Invoke Search Customizer
The Search Customizer may be invoked from a Web browser or from the GUI
admin console.
򐂰 Invoke from a Web browser (not shown here)
Type the URL for the Search Application Customizer in a Web browser. For
where is the host name of the search server. If your Web
server is not configured to use port 80, you also need to specify the correct
port number. For example,
To customize a custom search application, type the URL for the Search
Application Customizer, and append the name of the configuration file for your
search application. For example,
If the file that you specify ( file, in this case) does not
exist, values in the file for the sample search application are
If global security is enabled in WebSphere Application Server, you need to log
in with a valid user ID and password.
򐂰 Invoke from GUI admin console
This is the option shown here.
Invoke Search Customizer.
Invoke customized ESSearchApplication from a browser.
Select options and save settings.
Tip: You can also specify the configuration file that you want to use with a
search application by clicking Load after you start the Search Application
Customizer and specifying the name of the file.
464 IBM OmniFind EE V8.4: Configuration and Implementation Scenarios
Figure B-3 through Figure B-12 on page 470 show the invocation of the
Search Customizer and the various configuration properties available for
After logging in to the admin console, click the Search Customizer link to
invoke it, as shown in Figure B-3.
Figure B-4 on page 465 shows the various options available. It shows the
configuration properties file and the various categories of properties that can
be modified, such as Server settings, Screen navigation, Messages, Query
options, Results, Images, and Theme. Each of these categories are
expanded to show the default parameter values (Figure B-5 on page 465
through Figure B-12 on page 470) and the search application display
interface in the right hand pane that reflect these default settings.
Figure B-3 Invoke Search Customizer
Tip: Use the Help for the customizer link as needed for an explanation of
the options available.
Appendix B. Search Application Customizer 465
Figure B-4 Customizable properties in the file
Figure B-5 Server settings parameters
466 IBM OmniFind EE V8.4: Configuration and Implementation Scenarios
Figure B-6 Screen navigation parameters
Figure B-7 Messages parameters
Appendix B. Search Application Customizer 467
Figure B-8 Query options parameters

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