368 IBM ProtecTIER Implementation and Best Practices Guide
21.9 The application database backup
Figure 21-12 illustrates a typical backup and DR environment using the ProtecTIER product.
The backup application environment is straightforward. The backup application servers are
connected to storage devices (disk, real tape, or virtual tape). Every action and backup set
that the backup servers process is recorded in the backup application database or catalog.
The catalog is at the heart of any recovery operation. Without a valid copy of the database or
catalog, restoration of data is difficult, sometimes even impossible.
Figure 21-12 Typical backup and DR environment using the ProtecTIER product
The ProtecTIER server provides a virtual tape interface to the backup application server,
which you can use to create of tapes, represented by ONSITE_VTAPE_POOL in
Figure 21-12. The client can also maintain another tape library to create real tapes to take
off-site, called OFFSITE_TAPE in Figure 21-12.
ONSITE_VTAPE_POOL is where most client recoveries and restores come from. The key
advantage of this architecture is that restoration occurs much faster because the data is
coming from the ProtecTIER disk-based virtual tape, not from real tape.

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