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Chapter 8. Entry and midrange disks
This chapter provides the best practices and guidelines for the IBM System Storage DS3000,
DS4000, and DS5000 family of disk storage subsystems in your ProtecTIER environment. It
also includes the procedure to check and adjust the Automated Volume Transfer (ATV)
settings, zoning, cabling guidelines, and RAID configuration for these entry-level and
midrange disk subsystems.
This chapter describes the following topics:
򐂰 General considerations and best practices for attaching entry-level or midrange storage
subsystems to the ProtecTIER server
򐂰 Considerations specific to the attachment and configuration of the DS3000 family
Important: As of ProtecTIER V3.2.0, the entry-level and midrange family of disk storage
subsystems for DS4000, and DS5000 are not supported.
Current DS3000, DS4000, and DS5000 storage systems attached to ProtecTIER systems
that run earlier releases are still supported. We provide the best practices and guidelines
for those systems
The list of supported entry-level and midrange disk storage subsystems can be found in
the TS7650/TS7650G ISV and Interoperability matrix, found at:

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