Chapter 20. Application considerations and data types 309
򐂰 Use as many backup sessions in parallel as possible. The MAX_SESSIONS parameter
defines the number of parallel sessions to be established. The valid range of
MAX_SESSIONS is 1 - 32. You should also define the SESSIONS parameter in each Tivoli
Storage Manager stanza in the .utl file to define the maximum number of sessions in that
Tivoli Storage Manager server stanza.
򐂰 Disable compression by configuring RL_COMPRESSION=NO. The RL_COMPRESSION parameter
specifies whether a null block compression of the data should be performed before
transmission to Tivoli Storage Manager. Although RL_COMPRESSION introduces additional
processor load to the SAP server, throughput can be improved when the network is the
bottleneck, but it can affect the ProtecTIER deduplication ratio.
On the Tivoli Storage Manager server, complete the following steps:
1. Update the MAXNUMMP parameter for the Tivoli Storage Manager node to MAXNUMMP=x,
where x should be the number of parallels required. This number should match the
MAXSESSION parameter set in the .utl file. The MAXNUMMP parameter specifies the
maximum number of mount points a node may use on the server only for operations, such
as backup and archive.
2. Update the COMPression parameter for the Tivoli Storage Manager node to
COMPression=NO. This setting specifies that the client node does not compress its files
before sending them to the server for backup and archive.
20.7 VMware
In addition to the now available vStorage APIs, the vStorage APIs for Data Protection (VADP)
are also available. VADP replaces the VMware Consolidated Backup (VCB) framework, and
offers multiple methods to improve your VMware backup. With the new VADP comes the
option to use incremental virtual machine image backups, using the changed block tracking
(CBT) feature. In contrast to the full virtual machine image backup, CBT reduces the amount
of backed up data, because only the changed blocks compared to the last full backup are
backed up. With CBT enabled, the backup operation backs up only the changed blocks,
which results in a high data change rate for the ProtecTIER server, because only new data is
backed up. For ProtecTIER deduplication to perform optimally, run at least one full backup
per week.
Follow the general best practices and the Tivoli Storage Manager best practices described in
Chapter 13, “IBM Tivoli Storage Manager” on page 189.
20.7.1 Technical overview
VMware ESX is installed directly on the hardware and does not require any specific operating
system. It is a virtualization platform used to create the virtual machines (VMs) as a set of
configuration and disk files that perform all the functions of a physical machine.
Important: The MAX_SESSIONS parameter setting must not exceed the number of tape
drives simultaneously available to the node in the Tivoli Storage Manager servers to be
accessed. This maximum is established by the MAXNUMMP parameter settings in the
Tivoli Storage Manager node definition.
Incremental backups: If you use incremental virtual machine image backups, run at least
one full virtual machine image backup per week to optimize your deduplication ratio.

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