33.4. Editing Styles

To edit a style sheet, follow these steps:

Edit the Unselected Label Bar.
a. Change to the Style.css file next to the Default.jsp in the Page Designer section. The Style.css file should be opened as a result of the steps followed in section “Editing a theme” on page 965. If not, you can open it from TestPortalServer\PortalContent\ProjectExplorer\themes\html\MyCorp\ie\en\Style.css.


The themes\html\MyCorp\ie\en\Style.css file is the default style sheet. In case you need to modify any other style sheet, you can find it in the themes root. For example, in our scenario the themes root is:

TestPortalServer\PortalContent\Project Explorer\themes\html\MyCorp

Figure 33-20. Edit the style sheet

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