626 IBM System Storage DS3500 Introduction and Implementation Guide
21.1 Planning for the installation
Proper planning is always a crucial step in every configuration, and here we list some
important considerations:
򐂰 AIX host attachment to the DS3500 storage subsystems requires the additional purchase
of the AIX operating system Host Kit Option or Feature Code. The AIX Host Kit options
contain the required IBM licensing to attach an IBM AIX Host System to the DS3500.
Contact your IBM service representative or IBM reseller for purchasing information.
򐂰 Multiple combinations of servers, AIX versions, Host Bus Adapters (HBAs), firmware
levels, and multipath drivers can be used to connect a POWER system to a DS3500
storage subsystem. For detailed HBA and systems information regarding combinations,
see the following website to access the System Storage Interoperation Center (SSIC):
The SSIC can provide the interoperability matrix, and is a selection driven tool where you
provide the criteria for your configuration.
To verify the microcode level on the HBAs, use the following commands:
lscfg -vl fcs0 (The Z9 or ZA fields contains the firmware level)
lsmcode -d -d fcs0
fcstat fcs0
򐂰 To be able to map the logical drive to the host and to configure the zoning, get the WWN of
each HBA port (fcsX). The Example 21-1 shows how to get the WWN in VIOS, and the
Example 21-2 shows how to get it on AIX.
Example 21-1 WWN from VIOS
$ lsdev -dev fcs0 -vpd
fcs0 U78A5.001.WIH1752-P1-C10-T1 FC Adapter
Network Address.............2100001B3208E0AB
ROS Level and ID............49535020
Device Specific.(Z0)........0004001B
Device Specific.(Z1)........02040083
Device Specific.(Z2)........49535020
Device Specific.(Z3)........00002422
Device Specific.(Z4)........000E0002
Device Specific.(Z5)........00010009
Device Specific.(Z6)........00010002
Device Specific.(Z7)........00000000
Device Specific.(Z8)........2100001B3208E0AB
Device Specific.(Z9)........ISP
Hardware Location Code......U78A5.001.WIH1752-P1-C10-T1
Name: fibre-channel
Model: QMI2472
Node: fibre-channel@1
Device Type: fcp
Physical Location: U78A5.001.WIH1752-P1-C10-T1

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