Chapter 6. Administration - Enterprise Management 159
򐂰 Subsystem Management:
Manage a Storage Subsystem: Starts the main Storage Manager application, as
described in the following chapter.
Upgrade Controller Firmware: Upgrades firmware on multiple storage subsystems, as
described in Chapter 14, “Administration - Support” on page 329.
򐂰 Accessibility:
Inherit System Settings: Inherits system settings for color and fonts, which allows the
IBM System Storage DS software to use settings defined through operating system
6.1.2 Enterprise Management window
The Enterprise Management window (Figure 6-2) is the entry point to manage each DS3500
storage subsystem. We described how to add storage subsystems in 5.4, “Completing the DS
Storage Manager installation” on page 151. After they have been added, they will appear
every time you start Storage Manager.
Figure 6-2 Enterprise Management window
The Enterprise Management window displays a list of all DS3500 storage subsystems that
you can access either directly or through the host agents. If you can access a certain storage
server in both ways, and possibly through several host agents, you see it listed not just once,
but many times in the Enterprise Management window.
In the left window pane, you see your management station, and your managed subsystems.
The subsystems are divided into two groups: In-Band Storage Subsystems and Out-of-Band
Storage Subsystems. You can also see the status of your subsystems in this pane. If your
subsystem appears green, the status is optimal. If you highlight the subsystem in the left part
of the window, you also see a short summary of this system in the right window pane. If the
subsystem appears red in this view, then it needs attention. What you do in this case is
described in Chapter 14, “Administration - Support” on page 329.
Note: Although a single storage server could appear listed several times in the left pane
when it is accessed by various host agents or directly attached, it only appears once in the
right pane.

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