Chapter 11. Retention and compliance 217
򐂰 The product grows with your needs; you can add storage to increase capacity and nodes
for performance.
򐂰 Uses industry standard interfaces, thus eliminating the need for customized API or add on
feature requirements
򐂰 Data deduplication and compression are provided:
These help to lower total cost of ownership by supporting embedded deduplication and
compression capabilities.
The product is designed to optimize storage capacity and to improve productivity.
򐂰 Tiered storage management:
The product is designed to allow a cost-effective mix of nearline storage and offline
storage (disk and tape).
Contains costs and utilizes storage technology for optimum usage
򐂰 Universal storage repository for all types of content (structured and unstructured,
compliant or non-compliant) are provided.
11.2.4 More information
For additional information about the IBM Information Archive, see these websites:
򐂰 IBM Information Archive:
򐂰 IBM Information Archive V1.2 Information Center:
򐂰 IBM Information Archive Architecture and Deployment, SG24-7843:
򐂰 IBM Information Archive V1.2 - Introduction and Planning Guide, SC27-2324-02:
򐂰 IBM Information Archive, V1.2 - Installing and Configuring IBM Information Archive,
򐂰 IBM Information Archive V1.2 - User's Guide, SC27-2325-02:
򐂰 IBM Information Archive V1.2 - Service Guide, SC27-2327-02:
11.3 IBM Enterprise tape libraries with LTO5
Although tape libraries are typically configured for backup/recovery scenarios, they are also
used for long-term archiving, or as a combination of both, as it is possible with the IBM
Enterprise TS3500 Tape Library (formerly known as IBM TotalStorage 3584).
Standard backup solution requires the file, folder, or database to be recovered in case of
accidental deletion by a user, either when the user requests previous versions of an existing
file (such as document, spreadsheet, financial records, etc.), or if the file is corrupted due to a
hardware or software malfunction. The backup solution (for example, Tivoli Storage Manager

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