Chapter 5. Backup and Restore 71
Strategies and operations description
The data at primary and off-site location are fully synchronized utilizing a high-bandwidth
connection. The two systems are advanced coupled, allow an automated switchover from one
site to the other when required. A Tivoli Storage Manager setup is installed at each location
and run independently, creating dual production systems. Each Tivoli Storage Manager
server is protected using BC Tier 2 or BC Tier 3 technology. See Figure 5-14.
Figure 5-14 BC Tier 6 - Dual production Tivoli Storage Manager servers running in a zero data loss
5.2.3 Integrated solution capabilities of IBM Tivoli Storage Manager
Additional optional IBM Tivoli Storage Manager products are available that provide integrated
solution capabilities. These include:
򐂰 IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for Copy Services - Data Protection for Exchange
This provides integration of Tivoli Storage Manager with VSS providers on supported
storage systems to make fast, snapshot-based backups of Microsoft Exchange
databases. The snapshot can then be copied to a Tivoli Storage Manager server for longer
term, policy-managed storage. Optionally, the Tivoli Storage Manager backup of the
snapshot can be performed by a separate server, freeing up CPU resources on the
production Exchange server, known as offloaded backup. On a SAN Volume Controller,
instant restore is possible, where a snapshot can be rapidly restored back to the original
source disks using the hardware FlashCopy restore.
TSM Database
TSM Server
TSM Clients
TSM Database
TSM Server
TSM Clients
Synchronous Write Environment
Zero Data Loss
Recovery T ime
Production Site
Production Site Mirror
Option 2: Manual vaulting of TSM database
backups and copy storage pool data
Option 1: Virtual volumes transfer
electronically copies of TSM
database backups and copy storage
pool data

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