118 IBM System Storage Business Continuity Solutions Overview
Further definition of the tiers of Business Continuity
In this IBM Redbook, all of the Business Continuity technologies we describe are listed by tier
Assignment of tier levels is subjective and an approximation, not an exact science. Large
systems will tend to shift the tier levels to the right; small scale systems will tend to shift the
tiers to the left. As part of the planning process, you should create a tiers of Business
Continuity chart specific to your organization, and use it as a specific organization tool within
your own organization. We offer here a generalized view of the tiers.
BC Tier 0: No off-site data
Businesses with a Tier 0 BC solution have no Business Continuity Plan.
򐂰 There is no saved information, no documentation, no backup hardware, and no
contingency plan.
򐂰 Typical recovery time: The length of recovery time in this instance is unpredictable. In fact,
it may not be possible to recover at all.
8.5.1 BC Tier 1: Data backup with no hot site
Businesses that use Tier 1 BC solutions back up their data typically with tape, at an off-site
facility. Depending on how often backups are made, they are prepared to accept several days
to weeks of data loss, but their backups are secure off-site. However, this tier lacks the
systems on which to restore data.
Tier 1 Business Continuity solutions:
򐂰 Pickup Truck Access Method (PTAM): Sending physical tapes
򐂰 Disk Subsystem or Tape based mirroring to locations without processors
򐂰 IBM Tivoli Storage Manager
BC Tier 2: Data backup with a hot site
Businesses using Tier 2 BC solutions make regular backups on tape. This is combined with
an off-site facility and infrastructure (known as a hot site) in which to restore systems from
those tapes in the event of a disaster. This tier of solution will still result in the need to recreate
several hours to days worth of data, but it is faster and more consistent, compared to BC tier
1 in recovery time.
Tier 2 Business Continuity solutions:
򐂰 PTAM with hot-site available
򐂰 IBM Tivoli Storage Manager
BC Tier 3: Electronic vaulting
Tier 3 BC solutions utilize components of Tier 2. Additionally, some mission critical data is
electronically vaulted. This electronically vaulted data is typically more current than that which
is shipped via PTAM. We also add higher levels of automation; as a result there is less data
recreation or loss.

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