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IBM System z Personal Development Tool Vol. 4 Coupling and Parallel Sysplex

Book Description

This IBM® Redbooks® publication describes the usage of Coupling Facility (CF) functions with the IBM System z® Personal Development Tool (zPDT). It describes the System z Coupling Application Developer Controlled Distribution, which is a Parallel Sysplex® “starter system” based on the AD-CD package and lists the exact steps taken to turn the normal AD-CD z/OS® system into a Parallel Sysplex base.

This document assumes that the reader is familiar with basic zPDT usage and terminology, with z/OS, with the z/OS AD-CD system, with basic z/VM® usage, and with general Parallel Sysplex concepts. It is not intended as an introduction to any of these topics.

This version of the document is based on z/VM 6.2 (as available to authorized users in an AD-CD package) and z/OS 1.13 (as available to authorized users in the January 2013 update of the AD-CD package).