Chapter 7. Deploying IBM Tivoli Monitoring agents in a large scale environment 241
7. A start command is invoked via an SQL1 call to the OS agent, to start the
monitoring agent. The command waits for the status feedback
There are three main parameters that might affect the performance of the
deployment process. These parameters are set on the monitoring server’s
KBBENV (or kbbenv.ini) files.
This is the maximum number of requests that the request queue on the agent
deployment controller will handle. It has a default of 100, if you do not
override with a specific setting.
Note that OS agent deployments that are performed with createNode do not
use this setting, because these deployments do not go through the
deployment controller. Instead, they communicate directly with the target
system. This parameter only works when deploying application agents via
This is the number of threads that are available to the deployment controller.
The default is 10 unless otherwise overridden. It controls how many active
asynchronous threads the deployment controller uses to push the depot files
down with.
This is the size of the data chunk that will be passed to RPC for transfer. The
default is 500 KB unless it is overridden. If you have sufficient network
bandwidth, you might want to increase this value, but be careful if this
bandwidth is shared with critical production applications (especially when the
deployment is done during business hours).
7.4 Considerations for installing OS and non-OS agents
As mentioned earlier, you can install both OS and non-OS agents remotely, but
there are some differences.
7.4.1 OS agents
OS agents must be installed before you can install a non-OS agent (such as a
DB2 monitoring agent) on a target computer. OS agents can be installed
remotely using the command line interface (CLI).

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