Chapter 1. Introduction to IBM Tivoli Monitoring V6.1 15
1.7 What is new in IBM Tivoli Monitoring V6.1 post-GA
Since it became available, IBM Tivoli Monitoring V6.1 has added support,
improvements, and a number of features. The highlights of new features added
since GA include the following:
򐂰 Added support for various new OS, application and database support for all
IBM Tivoli Monitoring components. Refer to the current Fix Pack Readme for
current supported platforms.
򐂰 New tacmd commands, as listed in Table 1-1.
Table 1-1 New tacmd commands
򐂰 Multiple Warehouse Proxy support.
򐂰 Enhanced firewall functionality through the use of a gateway feature.
򐂰 New agents - a number of new agents has been added to IBM Tivoli
򐂰 TMS Infrastructure view - the Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server has a
topology view called the Tivoli Monitoring Services (TMS) Infrastructure view,
which visually expresses the relationships and linking of monitoring agents
and other components to the hub monitoring servers.
򐂰 Ability to create a topology view in the Tivoli Enterprise Portal - for monitoring
products that support the topology view, you can add the view to a workspace
to graphically show objects and their logical relationships to one another.
Fix Pack 4 added enhancements to Topology view properties. Configuring the
threshold number of objects in the topology view before it switches
automatically to a table view is done in the Properties editor. The view also
has a Style tab for formatting the view, objects, labels, and connector lines.
Command Description
tacmd createsystemlist Creates a new managed system list.
tacmd deletesystemlist Deletes an existing managed system list.
tacmd editsystemlist Edits a managed system list.
tacmd exportWorkspaces Exports a workspace.
tacmd importWorkspaces Imports a workspace.
tacmd listsystemlist Lists all existing managed system lists.
tacmd listWorkspaces Lists workspaces available to export.
tacmd viewsystemlist Displays a managed system list.
16 IBM Tivoli Monitoring: Implementation and Performance Optimization for Large Scale Environments
򐂰 Enhancements to event management through the Tivoli Enterprise Portal -
you can now add more detailed note information, as well as attach files, to
individual events. A new user permission has been added to enable users to
attach files. The way that events are acknowledged has also been improved.
򐂰 A Discovery Library adapter (DLA) for use in a configuration management
database (CMDB), such as IBM Tivoli Change and Configuration
Management Database. The DLA scans the IBM Tivoli Monitoring
environment and identifies the managed systems in the environment. You
can then feed this information into IBM Tivoli Change and Configuration
Management Database or another CMDB. Refer to Chapter 12, “IBM Change
and Configuration Management Database integration” on page 421 for more
information about this topic.
򐂰 Ability to link from a situation event in the embedded Tivoli Enterprise
Console® event console to the Event Results workspace in the Tivoli
Enterprise Portal.
To use this new function, right-click a situation event from inside the Tivoli
Enterprise Console event console and click ITM Situations -> Situation
򐂰 A new utility, secureMain, has been added to change the file permissions
level for files on Linux® and UNIX® computers. Its usage is as follows:
“secureMain lock” tightens file permissions and still allows products to run.
“secureMain unlock” loosens file permissions to allow the installation of
more products.
򐂰 The Linux OS agent has added Linux File and Directory monitoring, file
information attributes to refer to file information characteristics.
򐂰 The UNIX OS agent has added AIX® Printer Queue Support monitoring, as
well as the ability to monitor disk attributes (such as available free space) in
megabytes and gigabytes (instead of kilobytes).
򐂰 The i5/OS® OS monitoring agent has added support for using the SSL
communication protocol for communication between the agent and the
monitoring server
򐂰 Installing the IBM Tivoli Monitoring Fix Pack 5 on all computers where you are
running the Warehouse Proxy agent and the Summarization and Pruning
agent provides enhancements to reduce the disk space requirements for the
Tivoli Data Warehouse. Specifically, the Warehouse Proxy Agent now trims
all trailing whitespace data for character data that it inserts into VARCHAR
columns in the Tivoli Data Warehouse.
򐂰 Network interface list for z/OS®.
򐂰 Take-Action authorization and command execution through NetView®.

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