Chapter 11. Reporting enhancements 375
Figure 11-6 Time span
11.2 Tivoli Common Reporting Initiative
Tivoli Common Reporting is a new initiative from IBM designed to provide a set
of reporting services that can be used across the Tivoli portfolio consistently.
This initiative will provide three services:
򐂰 A flexible infrastructure made up of loosely coupled services that can be used
by individual products or in combined solutions for cross-product reporting
򐂰 A set of out-of-the-box reports that represent known best practices for the
products or solutions they are delivered with, as well as a mechanism (OPAL)
to share reports as experience of community grows
򐂰 Tooling that helps the customer or service provider modify or extend the
reports to meet their needs instead of having to submit product requirements
against development to make the changes

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