Chapter 12. IBM Change and Configuration Management Database integration 441
12.3 Using Tivoli Application Dependency Discovery
Manager and IBM Tivoli Monitoring to facilitate
server consolidation
This section describe a scenario that uses the system discovery capabilities of
TADDM combined with a script to identify the dependencies between systems
installed in the managed environment. In addition, the tool described identifies
underutilized servers.
After server utilization levels and dependencies are identified, then judgments
can be made based on reliable evidence for server consolidation and more
efficient use of available resources.
This scenario can be of use to customers with a large number of resources
available that they may wish to rationalize after a period of change. The
consequences of making changes need to be fully understood, because you will
want to shut down servers with no or very few dependencies. Without
understanding the dependencies, incorrect choices could be made on server
consolidation that could affect other business services.
12.3.1 Scenario background
In most enterprises, system administrators are faced with the challenge of using
available resources as efficiently as possible. This may require server
consolidation, relocation and rationalization of a large environment where the
consequences of change may not be not fully understood. Shutting down servers
may affect several other business services that have a dependency on the
modified system.
The scenario environment presented here is similar to that described in 12.2.1,
“Scenario background” on page 424. It includes a number of physical systems
based on several operating systems (Windows, Linux, UNIX). The aim is to show
the utilization of the current server and dependencies within this environment.
Figure 12-7 on page 442 shows the overview of this scenario.

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