Chapter 5. Optimizing performance within an IBM Tivoli Monitoring environment 135
5.3.4 Maintaining multiple view-only portal servers
As updates to portal server properties, for example workspaces, are only now
permitted on the primary portal server, any changes made must be migrated
across to
all view-only portal servers such that all users will be able to view the
replica. The simplest way to accomplish this is by using the scripts provided by
IBM Tivoli Monitoring to first export details out of the primary portal server, and
then to import these into each view-only portal server available.
To export the data, run the script (on Windows, run
migrate-export.bat) from the portal server subdirectory:
Note that the portal server
must be running when you run this script. The result of
a successful export is an SQL file called saveexport.sql.
To import the data to another portal server, copy the file saveexport.sql to the
machine running the view-only portal server and run the
(on Windows, run migrate-import.bat) from the portal server subdirectory: /tmp/saveexport.sql
If you do not supply a path to the file to import, then the path is assumed to be
the same as used by the migrate-export script.
Note: User administration within IBM Tivoli Monitoring V6.2 introduces the
concept of user groups. This will allow an administrator, for example, to
establish a user group definition with a set of permissions that represent some
particular user persona.
There are two product-provided user groups: ADMINISTRATOR and
OPERATOR. The OPERATOR group will have all of the permissions shown in
Table 5-1. So, for an IBM Tivoli Monitoring V6.2 user, a portal administrator
could create a set of users with no initial permissions, and then simply add
them to the OPERATOR group. Users in the OPERATOR group would then
be positioned, from a permissions perspective, to connect with a view-only
portal server.

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