166 IBM Tivoli OMEGAMON XE V3.1 – Deep Dive on z/OS
and processing. OMEGAMON for CICS on z/OS and OMEGAMON for DB2 PM /
PE on z/OS can be configured to selectively discover subsystems, which would
eliminate this issue. But that would also eliminate the ability to reactively view
data from unmonitored test systems. This may be desirable as it also eliminates
these subsystems and their associated navigator views, which may clutter your
view of your enterprise.
Both of these products can be configured to discover subsystems selectively,
which will reduce the processing requirements. This may be desirable because it
also keeps nodes off the Navigator Physical view. However, it would also
eliminate the ability to view data reactively from unmonitored test systems.
Many customers configure production regions and subsystems to a production
hub Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server and Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server, and
test regions or subsystems to a separate set. If you have systems for which you
do not want to perform exception analysis or collect historical data, you should
create user-defined distribution lists such as CICS_Production, which will have
the list of regions you want monitored.
5.4.3 Situation predicate processing
The situation contains predicates, in which the monitoring attributes to be
evaluated are specified. Different predicates generate different processing
requirements. It is important to understand how the predicates are processed to
analyze these predicates.
Predicates are processed sequentially from first to the last. If you have multiple
predicates in a situation, order them to eliminate as many rows as possible as
early as possible with the least expensive or most restrictive filter as the first
Here are some predicate processing tips:
򐂰 Numeric attributes are processed more quickly than text attributes.
򐂰 String checking with substring (STR) is more efficient than the string scan
(SCAN), especially for long strings. If you know the exact location of the text
or characters to be evaluated, use a substring.
򐂰 A column function is evaluated at the Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server, so
all available rows will be sent back to Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server from
the agent, with high network usage, memory, and processing requirements as
a result. Try to avoid the predicates such as MAX, MIN, AVG on a column.

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