170 IBM Tivoli OMEGAMON XE V3.1 – Deep Dive on z/OS
Figure 5-12 RKDSRULD dataset contents
Figure 5-12 contains the definition that is being sent to the Tivoli Enterprise
Monitoring Agents, including predefined and custom situations. Any duperized
situations appear at the beginning of the file, with names start with _Z_.
Looking at the list of synchronized situations, you may see several _Z_ entries
with different suffixes. These are the different synchronized collections that are
performed for that data source. The example in Figure 5-12 shows two
synchronized collections of CICSROV the table. This can be the result of too
many predicates for one situation or of different collection intervals.
You can also check the messages from the RKLVLOG message, KRAIRA000,
that indicate which synchronized (duperized) situations are being started.
Example 5-10 shows a sample message.
Example 5-10 RKLVLOG message for duper situation
KRAIRA000, Starting _Z_ICSF4 <3145945,1048781> for KM5.ICSF.,
Producer(IRA Constructor)
5.4.6 Situation and policies
Policies can be a significant source of processing in situation overhead. Policies
can more than double the processing requirements of collecting data for
situations. This is because they duplicate the collection for the situation to drive
RBA 262144 Key _Z_CICSROV1___________________ Col 1 Format CHAR
RBA Len <===5===10====5===20====5===30=>..5...40....5...50....5...60
262144 3032 _Z_CICSROV1_____________________..SELECT CICSROV.AIDS, CICSR
265176 3032 _Z_CICSROV3_____________________..SELECT CICSROV.AIDS, CICSR
268208 3032 _Z_CICSSTOR0____________________.aSELECT CICSSTOR.AREA, CICS
271240 3032 _Z_ICSF2________________________..SELECT ICSF.AVGWAIT, ICSF.
274272 3032 _Z_ICSF4________________________..SELECT ICSF.AVGWAIT, ICSF.
277304 3032 Crypto_CKDS_Access_Disabled_____.nSELECT ICSF.AVGWAIT, ICSF.
0 3032 Crypto_CKDS_80PCT_Full__________.~SELECT ICSF.AVGWAIT, ICSF.
3032 3032 Crypto_Internal_Error___________..SELECT ICSF.AVGWAIT, ICSF.
6064 3032 Crypto_Invalid_Master_Key_______.~SELECT ICSF.AVGWAIT, ICSF.
9096 3032 Crypto_Invalid_PKA_Master_Keys__.lSELECT ICSF.AVGWAIT, ICSF.
12128 3032 Crypto_No_Coprocessors__________..SELECT ICSF.AVGWAIT, ICSF.

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