Chapter 10. Integration with Tivoli Configuration Manager 475
Figure 10-23 Advanced properties
The parameters to specify are java -uq. This procedure is not documented in the manual, but
is derived from the script to remove the UNIX agents and proved to work well. Be sure to add
the working directory for the process.
We chose to make just one software package for Windows and AIX machines. To prevent
execution on an AIX machine, you can specify a condition when to run that action, using the
Condition button at the top right hand corner of Figure 10-22. Figure 10-24 displays.
476 IBM Tivoli Storage Resource Manager: A Practical Introduction
Figure 10-24 Condition
Choose os_name from the list box, add an == operator, and enter Windows_NT. This will
ensure execution only on the desired platform.
Using the same procedure, we added an extra action for the AIX installation, starting from the
Execute Program Properties dialog shown in Figure 10-20 on page 472. The actions to define
are mainly the same except for the paths and the setup.aix program. Also, we added a
condition that allows execution only on AIX machines.
Since we can not download the installation media with the Execute Program action, we have
to distribute it with an extra step.
In the main screen of the Software Package editor (Figure 10-16 on page 470), choose the
Add Object tab and click the Add Directory icon. The dialog in Figure 10-25.
Chapter 10. Integration with Tivoli Configuration Manager 477
Figure 10-25 Add Directory dialog
To ensure all subdirectories are getting copied, choose the Advanced button on the lower left
corner, and select the
Descend Directories check box (Figure 10-26).
Figure 10-26 Descend Directories
The ready-to-build software package is shown in Figure 10-27.
478 IBM Tivoli Storage Resource Manager: A Practical Introduction
Figure 10-27 Ready-to-build software package
Save this package to an .sp file on your server and exit the Software Package Editor.
10.3.2 Create software distribution profile in Tivoli Framework
Open your Tivoli Desktop and navigate to the Software Distribution policy region. Make sure it
has the Software Distribution package as a managed resource in the properties menu. To
determine if it has been enabled, click on
Properties -> Managed Resources and check if
SoftwarePackage resource is on the left side. Then create a Profile Manager for use by
IBM Tivoli Storage Resource Manager packages (Figure 10-28).
Figure 10-28 Policy Region with Profile Managers
Double-click the object PM_SD_ITSRM to open the Profile Manager, and create a Profile with
the name of your file package including the version (Figure 10-29).
Chapter 10. Integration with Tivoli Configuration Manager 479
Figure 10-29 Create Software Package Profile
After you have created the Profile, an empty package icon appears in the Profile Manager.
Add any subscribers for the distribution of the package.
Figure 10-30 Profile Manager with Profiles and Subscribers

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