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Appendix A. Business logic examples
The Web Access drop-in problem and change management solution uses three business
logic exit routines:
1. BLQUXPRE is the predisplay_exit routine.
Logic in BLQUXPRE prefills fields in a new record with information about the person for
which the record is being created. It also prefills some fields based on the type of record
being created. If a User
running Web Access chooses to create an incident, the logic
redirects that user to a different HTML page.
2. BLQUXVAL is the validation_exit routine.
Logic in BLQUXVAL sets name fields so that they are searchable in various formats. If you
are filing a new problem, it also verifies that the record has been assigned:
For problem and incident records that have just been closed, it calculates and sets the
duration for the time that they were open.
For change and activity records that have just been closed, it calculates and sets the
duration that it took to complete them.
For records that are being assigned to a different assignee, it resets the assigned date
and time to the current date and time.
3. BLQUXFIL is both the postfile_create_exit routine and the postfile_update_exit routine.
Logic in BLQUXFIL primarily does e-mail notification. It uses the notification method
identified by the email_tsx parameter in the BLQPARMS file. As shipped, the email_tsx
parameter is set for immediate notification, but it can be modified to use queued
notification. You might want to use queued notification for performance reasons.
Refer to
Business logic exit routine directives on page 169 for more information on the email_tsx
Additional processing in BLQUXFIL also automatically creates a solution record from a
problem record when that problem is closed.
Please note that User (capitalized) denotes the particular role in which a user or individual (denoted by the
lowercase u) is running.
See Sending E-mail Messages in the
Information Management for z/OS Program Administration Guide
and Reference, Version 7.1
, SC31-8753, page 95

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