Chapter 6. Useful hints and tips 385
to perform failover and failback to maintain the data on both sites and to reverse the data flow
direction in case of a failure.
6.6 High Availability server platforms
When operating in a high availability environment, your TPC for Replication active server and
standby server can be servers of the same operating systems or servers of different
operating systems. For example, your active server can be a Windows server and your
standby server can be a Linux server or vice-versa. A same-server example would be having
your active server and your standby server both be AIX servers.
6.7 SNMP setup
TPC for Replication can be sent up the send SNMP traps to registered SNMP managers
when various events occur. These general events include:
򐂰 Session state change
򐂰 Configuration change
򐂰 Suspending-event notification
򐂰 Communication failure
򐂰 High-availability state change
You can use the mksnmp CLI command to add a specified manager to the list of servers to
which SNMP alerts are sent. Details of the mksnmp command can be found in the TPC for
Replication Command Line Interface - User’s Guide, SC32-0104.
You can see the SNMP traps in the CsmTrace.log files as shown in Figure 6-9 on page 388.
The figure contains a segment of the log. As such you can see the details of the trap being
captured and prepared.
Figure 6-6 CsmTrace.log
Additionally, the TPC for Replication Server can be set up to receive SNMP traps from the
IBM ESS model 800. While not being required, the use of the SNMP alert reduces the latency
between the time that a freeze event occurs and the time that TPC for Replication recognizes
that the event is occurring. With or without the SNMP alert function, however, TPC for
Replication maintains data consistency of its sessions during the freeze event. The SNMP
trap destination can be setup on your ESS via the ESS Specialist.
[2006-06-23 16:16:12.828-07:00] Work-2 RepMgr D sendMsg TRACE: Message :
version=1 communityString=public
operation=V2 TRAP requestId=0 correlator=0 (,,,,,,

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