Chapter 6. Agent deployment 235
Figure 6-50 Local agent uninstall, uninstall of remotely deployed Data Agent
When the deinstallation completes, you can see a panel announcing the successful
installation of the Data Agent (see Figure 6-51).
Figure 6-51 Local agent uninstall, uninstall of remotely deployed Data Agent completed
6. Click OK and restart your system.
6.8 Upgrading the Data Agent
The TotalStorage Productivity Center GUI allows you to upgrade your Data Agent
infrastructure from a central point of management. This central upgrade is only supported for
the Data Agent and the Common Agent. The Fabric Agent cannot be upgraded this way.
1. Before you can upgrade your Data Agents from your central TotalStorage Productivity
Center GUI, you have to copy the files of the new Data Agent Version for the
operating systems, you want to perform an upgrade for to the C:\Program
236 IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center: The Next Generation
File\IBM\TPC\data\upgrade (for Windows) and /opt/IBM/TPC/data/upgrade (for LINUX
and UNIX) path of your TotalStorage Productivity Center Server installation. Note that if
you do not copy the file, you will break all of your agents.
The tree structure should look similar to the figure in Figure 6-52.
Figure 6-52 Data Agent upgrade, copy the file to the server upgrade directories
2. After having copied the files you need to the respective directories, launch the
TotalStorage Productivity Center GUI and log on. In the navigation tree, select
Administrative Services Configuration and right-click Data Agent Upgrade as
shown in Figure 6-53 on page 237.
Chapter 6. Agent deployment 237
Figure 6-53 Data Agent upgrade, create an upgrade job
3. You will then see a panel similar to Figure 6-54 where you can select the computers for
which you want to perform a Data Agent upgrade.
Figure 6-54 Data Agent upgrade, create an upgrade job, select computers to upgrade
238 IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center: The Next Generation
You can either select Computer Groups (if you have defined them in the TotalStorage
Productivity Center) or select single computers or all computers which have Data Agents
Verify that the Enable box in the top right corner of the panel is checked.
4. In the When to Run tab, specify if the upgrade should run immediately or should be
scheduled at a later time.
5. The Options tab gives you some options for the upgrade of the Data Agents. You can
specify if the Data Agent should be overwritten if the server already has the upgraded
level installed, and you can select the correct language option.
6. In the Alert tab, you can chose what alerts the TotalStorage Productivity Center Server
will generate for the upgrade job.
7. After having reviewed all tabs select File Save. You must specify a name for the job.
The upgrade job will be saved and run either immediately, or at the time you chose in the
When to Run tab.
8. To check if the upgrades have completed successfully, right-click the Data Agent upgrade
and select Refresh. You can see an entry for the upgrade job you submitted. Click the
little plus sign (+) to the left of your job name and an entry with the time stamp of the
submission of your job opens. Click this entry and you can see the log for the job on the
right pane, as shown in Figure 6-55.
Figure 6-55 Data Agent upgrade, job log of the upgrade job
9. You can click the symbol next to the job log entry and examine the log for your upgrade

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