294 IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center: The Next Generation
7.8.2 Supported configurations
McDATA SMI-S Interface communicates with a device using one of two modes. If you prefer
to keep the EFCM Management Software as an additional interface to your switch
infrastructure, you would most likely choose the second method, EFCM proxy mode.
Direct Connection mode: McDATA Provider communicates directly with the SAN Device.
EFCM Proxy mode: McDATA Provider and Device communicate through EFCM only.
The EFCM Proxy mode has the following attributes that are different from Direct Connection:
1. The McDATA Provider always manages the same set of devices as those managed by
2. The McDATA Provider cannot add or delete a device from its list of managed devices; this
must be done through EFCM. When EFCM adds a device, that device is automatically
added to the McDATA Provider. When EFCM deletes a device, the device is removed
from the McDATA Provider.
3. If EFCM is running when the McDATA Provider starts, any devices being managed by
EFCM are automatically added to the McDATA Provider.
Direct Connection mode
Figure 7-76 on page 295 depicts the Direct Connection mode, in which a WBEM Server
application supports the standard CIM/WBEM interfaces to a client and accesses the
managed device using (possibly) nonstandard or proprietary means. Communications take
place in Direct Connection mode, in which the data passes directly between the McDATA
Provider and the device.
Chapter 7. CIMOM installation and customization 295
Figure 7-76 Direct Connection mode
EFCM Proxy model
Figure 7-77 on page 296 depicts the communications in EFCM Proxy mode. In this case,
EFCM manages the switch and communications between the device and the McDATA
Provider flow through EFCM. When EFCM is used to manage a device, EFCM assumes the
management interface with a switch or director. As a result, McDATA SMI-S Interface
communications must use EFCM to communicate with the switch.

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