346 IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center: The Next Generation
Agents on the managed servers and computers (Data Agents to interact with servers and
computers and Fabric Agents to interact with Host Bus Adapters and SAN components
through an in band channel)
SNMP and proprietary APIs to interact with SAN components out of band.
We now show you how to set up all those communication channels by guiding you
through the configuration steps we used for our lab environment described in 8.1,
“Infrastructure summary” on page 340.
8.4.1 Configuring CIMOMs
There are two ways of making the CIMOMs of your infrastructure known to theTotalStorage
Productivity Center. Which one you use depends on how you have set up your CIMOM
If all your CIMOMs and the TotalStorage Productivity Center Server are located in the same
subnet, or if you have your CIMOMs distributed across multiple subnets
and have setup a
valid SLP infrastructure utilizing SLP Directory Agents, you will be able to discover all your
CIMOMs automatically. Otherwise you must enter CIMOMs manually.
We first try to do an automatic discovery to detect all CIMOMs that are reachable through our
SLP infrastructure. We then add manually the CIMOMs that are still missing. To initiate an
automatic CIMOM discovery, select Administrative Services Discovery and click
CIMOM (see Figure 8-6).
Figure 8-6 Configuring CIMOMs - initiate automatic CIMOM discovery
We now introduce a very important principle of operating the TotalStorage Productivity
We tell the TotalStorage Productivity Center to perform a certain task or action. Many of these
tasks are handled as special objects, called
jobs, within the TotalStorage Productivity Center.
We can define those jobs, save them and run them at a later time, and schedule them for a
single or repeated runs, or run them simultaneously.
Chapter 8. Getting Started with TotalStorage Productivity Center 347
CIMOM discovery job
In this case, we want the TotalStorage Productivity Center to discover CIMOMs, so we have
to define a CIMOM discovery job.
1. Job definition works similar for almost all type of jobs within TotalStorage Productivity
Center. After clicking the Discovery CIMOM job class in the Navigation Tree, you can
see three or more tabs in the Content Pane.
2. In the first tab, When to run, you can define a schedule for the job. You can have it run
now, once at a later time, or multiple times. In this scenario, we select to Run Now (see
Figure 8-7).
Figure 8-7 When to Run
3. The next tab, Alert, allows you to specify what to do when certain conditions for the job
you are defining arise at runtime. For a CIMOM discovery job, there is only one condition
for which you can define a reaction. You can specify what kind of Alerts TotalStorage
Productivity Center will trigger if the CIMOM discovery job fails.
You will find these first two tabs in almost all job definitions.
4. Figure 8-8 on page 348 below shows a screen capture of the Alert tab with the single
condition for this job we can choose, which is Job Failed.
348 IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center: The Next Generation
Figure 8-8 Configuring CIMOMs - initiate automatic CIMOM discovery - Alert
5. In the last tab, Options, you can enter information specific for the type of job you are
defining. When defining a CIMOM discovery job, you can enter the IP addresses of the
SLP Directory Agents of the environment you want the discovery job to query for CIM
Agents (see 2.2.1, “SLP architecture” on page 18). In our case, we enter the IP address of
the SVC Master Console (ITSOSVC), which we have configured as an SLP Directory
Figure 8-9 Configuring CIMOMs - initiate automatic CIMOM discovery - Enter DA addresses
6. You have now entered all information needed by the CIMOM discovery job to run
successfully. We could now just save the job definition or save the job definition and have
TotalStorage Productivity Center execute the job at that point in time we have specified in
the When to Run tab. To initiate the latter, click Enabled in the upper right corner of the
Content Pane and select File Save in the menu bar. You can see a message box
saying that the CIMOM job has been submitted (see Figure 8-10 on page 349).

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