368 IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center: The Next Generation
Figure 8-35 Collecting Data - create Scans, examine job logs
8.5.3 Creating Pings
Creating a Ping is quite straightforward.
1. Expand Data Manager Monitoring, right-click Pings, and select Create Ping.
Figure 8-36 Collecting Data - create pings, select computers
2. In the Computers tab, select the computers which our Ping job will ping. For our Ping job,
we select to ping all computers.
3. In the When to Run tab, we schedule the frequency of our ping. We want TotalStorage
Productivity Center to run a ping against all our computers every 10 minutes. So, we
select to run the job immediately and repeatedly, with Run Now and repeating the ping
every 10 minutes (Figure 8-37 on page 369).
Chapter 8. Getting Started with TotalStorage Productivity Center 369
Figure 8-37 Collecting Data - create pings, set frequency
4. In the Options tab, we can specify how often the Ping statistics are saved in the database
repository. By default, TotalStorage Productivity Center keeps its Ping statistics in
memory for one hour before flushing them to the database and calculating an average
availability. We can change the flushing interval to another amount of time, or a number of
Pings (for example to calculate availability after every 10 Pings). The system availability is
calculated as:
(Count of successful Pings) / (Count of Pings)
A lower interval can increase database size, but gives you more accuracy on the
availability history. We selected to save each Ping into the database at each Ping, which
means we will have an availability of 100% or of 0%, but we have a more granular view of
the availability of our servers.
5. For a Ping job, we must specify a condition in the Alert tab. We must specify what kind of
Alert TotalStorage Productivity Center will generate if a computer is not reachable a
certain number of times. We choose to generate an email if a computer is not reachable
more than 5 Times.
Figure 8-38 Collecting Data - create pings, set Alert

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