422 IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center: The Next Generation
Arrangement of entities within a group (sort order) can also be modified so that an ordering of
entities is provided that best suits your current tasks.
By clicking on the upper right corner (plus/minus sign) of an Entity Group, the group can be
expanded or collapsed.
In the graphical topology view as well as in the tabular view, a default grouping is applied so
that collections of entities are shown as groups whenever possible.
9.1.4 Information Overlays
With Information Overlays, interactive displays can be created that provide information in
various overlays that become activated when the user performs an operation. Information
Overlays is another technique used in topology design to enrich the visual display of the
environment with information relevant to their tasks, such as system health and performance.
While this technique is used traditionally in geographical maps, it is very well suited to the
visualization of complex systems.
Within the Topology Viewer, user tasks are supported by status overlays such as colored and
iconic overlays of information such as:
Health status of entities or group of entities
Performance overlays
Policy compliance/violations
An Entity with enabled health (upper square) and performance overlay (bar chart) is
presented in the graphical view of the Topology Viewer as shown in Figure 9-11.
Figure 9-11 Overlays graphical view
Overlays are also displayed in the tabular view. The same Overlays as shown in Figure 9-11
are shown in in the tabular view in Figure 9-12.
Figure 9-12 Overlays Tabular View
In TotalStorage Productivity Center V3.1 Health Overlays are also applied to Connections by
displaying them in different colors, see 9.1.6, “Connections” on page 424. This may be
expanded to other overlays in future releases.
Overlays can be turned on and off by setting the specific option in the Background Context
Menu. This menu is available at all times for the background of the graphical views. The
background is any part of the graphical view that is not displaying a group entity, individual
entity, or connection. To invoke the context menu, right-click in the background. By selecting
the Global Settings the overlay options are displayed.

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