434 IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center: The Next Generation
Figure 9-27 Topology Viewer Refresh Rate Setting
9.2 Getting started
This section describes the content of the Topology Viewer, navigation between views, and
how to launch it.
9.2.1 Launch the Topology Viewer
The Topology Viewer is launched from one of the five possible entry points provided by the
tree view on the left side of the TotalStorage Productivity Center V3.1 user interface. Closing
the Topology Viewer is done by closing the panel like any other panel of the TotalStorage
Productivity Center V3.1 UI.
Launch the Topology Viewer by selecting IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center
Topology as shown in Figure 9-28.
Figure 9-28 Topology Viewer Launch Points
Four child nodes are added under the Topology node. They are:
They provide four additional launch points for the Topology Viewer. They serve as a fast-track
to unveil directly one of the four entity class views the Topology Viewer provides.
When launching the Topology Viewer through one of the child nodes, it opens with two views.
The selected child view at L0 will be displayed and the Overview Tab will be opened as well,
so there will be an additional Tab displayed in the panel. As described in 9.1.5, “Layout” on
page 423, this view remains open as long as the Topology Viewer is active.
Launching the Topology Viewer by selecting IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center
Topology will show the view in Figure 9-29 on page 435.
Chapter 9. Topology viewer 435
Figure 9-29 Topology Viewer Overview tab
On the top left corner of the Topology Viewer panel the Overview Tab is displayed. Additional
Tabs are added as you open new views.
The graphical view shows the four entity classes (Computers, Fabrics, Storage and Other).
For each class the actual number of entities and the aggregated Health status is displayed.
This overlay is activated by default.
The synchronized tabular view presents the same information. On top of the tabular view you
find the Action drop down. It provides most of the function available through the Background
Context Menu (accessed through a right click in the graphical view).
The additional Locate drop down allows you to search items in the tabular view. Found items
are highlighted.
On the top right corner of the Topology Viewer panel shown in Figure 9-29, the mini-map is
displayed in the topology view. It indicates the visible portion of the topology, and facilitates
user interaction to pan the visible portion (see 9.1.5, “Layout” on page 423).
You can pan to the part of the topology you want to see easily by one of the following
Move the cursor to mini-map, press the left mouse button and move the cursor.
From any point in the Topology Viewer, press the middle mouse button and move the
Tip: If you want to enjoy the Topology Viewer in premium cinemascope quality, select View
from the TotalStorage Productivity Center UI and
deselect the menu option tree. You can
undo this by selecting tree again.

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