518 IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center: The Next Generation
11.10 Verifying if a port is in use
A quick way to verify whether a port is in use, or to see if a certain application is running (if
you know the port), is to open a telnet connection to that system. Normally, when you do not
specify a port with telnet, you are connected to port 23 on the target system. You can change
this and try to connect to any other port by adding the port number after the target address. In
the following example, we try to determine if the common agent is running on a certain
machine. The port 9510 is the default port of the common agent. From a command prompt,
c:\telnet 9510
If the common agent is running, it listens for requests on that port and opens a connection.
You simply see an empty screen. The common agent is not running if you see the message
Connecting To not open a connection to host on port 9510 :
Connect failed.

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