Chapter 4. TotalStorage Productivity Center installation on Windows 2003 83
Figure 4-28 Windows services showing DB2 services
4.6.1 Agent Manager installation for Windows
This is a typical installation of Agent Manager 1.2.2.
When you install the Agent Manager, you will also be installing the Embedded version of IBM
WebSphere Application Server - Express, V5.0 (WebSphere Express), without the
Administrative console to manage WebSphere itself, that was present in TotalStorage
Productivity Center V2.3.
1. To start the Agent Manager installer, run the following program from the
EmbeddedInstaller directory (Table 4-15).
Table 4-15 EmbeddedInstaller directory commands
2. The Installation Wizard starts; you see a panel similar to the one in Figure 4-29 on
page 84.
Operating system Command Java™ error failure
alternate command
Microsoft Windows setupwin32.exe setupwin32.exe -is:javahome ..\jre\windows
AIX setupAix.bin setupAix.bin -is:javahome ../
Linux setupLinux.bin setupAix.bin -is:javahome ../
Linux on Power PC® setupLinuxPPC.bin setupLinux.bin -is:javahome ../
Solaris setupSolaris.bin
setupLinux.bin -is:javahome ../
Note: Log on with a user ID that has administrative authority on Windows and root
authority on UNIX or Linux.
84 IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center: The Next Generation
Figure 4-29 Install wizard panel
3. Select a language and click OK (see Figure 4-30).
Figure 4-30 Language selection panel
4. Read and accept the terms of license agreement, select I accept the terms of the
license agreement. Click Next to continue (see Figure 4-31).
Figure 4-31 License panel
5. Figure 4-32 on page 85 shows the Directory Name for the installation. Click Next to accept
the default or click Browse to install to a different directory.
Chapter 4. TotalStorage Productivity Center installation on Windows 2003 85
Figure 4-32 Installer directory name
6. The Agent Manager Registry information panel is displayed, as shown in Figure 4-33. On
this panel specify the type of database, Database Name or Directory and type of
Database Connection.
You can accept the defaults and click Next to continue.
Figure 4-33 Wizard installing
86 IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center: The Next Generation
7. In the next panel shown in Figure 4-34, enter the following database information:
Database Software Directory
Enter the directory where DB2 is installed on your system. The default directory is:
C:\Program Files\IBM\SQLLIB (Microsoft Windows)
/opt/IBM/SQLLIB (UNIX or Linux)
Database User Name
Record this name also in Table A-4 on page 521.
Database Password
Record this password also in the tables in Appendix A, “Worksheets” on page 519.
Host name of the Database Server
Record this host name in the tables in Appendix A, “Worksheets” on page 519.
Database Port
This port number is required for a remote database.
After entering the information, click Next to continue.
Figure 4-34 Agent Manager database information
8. Enter the following information in the window in Figure 4-35 on page 87:
Host name Alias or Fully Qualified Host name
Review the preinstallation task mentioned in 4.5.1, “Verify primary domain name
systems” on page 62.
If you specify an IP address, you will see the warning panel shown in Figure 4-36 on
page 88.
Application Server Name for Agent Manager
Accept the default name or enter a different name.
Chapter 4. TotalStorage Productivity Center installation on Windows 2003 87
Registration port
The default port is 9511 for the server-side SSL. Refer to 3.3.1, “TCP/IP ports used” on
page 46.
Secure port
The default port is 9512 for client authentication, two-way SSL. Refer to 3.3.1, “TCP/IP
ports used” on page 46.
Public Port and Secondary Port for the Agent Recovery Service
The public communication port default is 9513. Refer to 3.3.1, “TCP/IP ports used” on
page 46.
Do not use port 80 for the agent recovery service.
Start the Agent Manager after the installation is complete.
Autostart the Agent Manager each time the system restarts.
It is recommended that you select both Start agent manger and Autostart the agent
To check for other applications which are using port 80, run the
netstat -an
command. Look for port 80 in the listening state. If there is an application using port
80, stop that application and then continue with the installation of Agent Manager.
Figure 4-35 Wizard host name without DO NOT USE port 80
Note: If you want Agent Recovery Service to run, you must stop any service using port
80. If any service is using port 80, Agent Recovery Service installs, but does not start.

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