WAS 5.1 Migration Tools

There are several migration tools that will help you get to the latest version of WAS 5. Getting from V3.5.x to Version V5 was discussed in Chapter 6, “Building a Combined WebSphere and Domino System.” Here are some brief explanations on migrating from V4.x and V5.0.x to V5.1.

New Migration Tools

The WASPreUpgrade and the WASPostUpgrade migration tools in Version 5.1 are updated to work with V5.1. To migrate the configuration from another version of WebSphere Application Server, use the WASPreUpgrade tool from the migration/bin directory on the product CD-ROM. The tool from the previous release is not sufficient for migrating to V5.1. There are several scripts that the installer program copies to the V5.0.x install_root/bin ...

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