30 IBM WebSphere Everyplace Access V5, Volume IV: Advanced Topics
Figure 1-15 Modifying a rule
1.4.4 My Subscriptions
In the My Subscriptions portlet, you can define what kind of information you want
to receive based on subscriptions. The out-of-the-box content adapters are:
򐂰 Lotus Notes e-mail subscriptions
򐂰 Weather subscriptions
򐂰 Stock subscriptions
򐂰 News subscriptions
򐂰 Microsoft Exchange 2000 subscriptions
򐂰 Microsoft Exchange 5.5 subscriptions
Lotus Notes e-mail subscriptions
Intelligent Notification Services provides notifications when you receive an e-mail
on your mail account.
Note: This service is different from the one that is provided in Intelligent
Notification Services Everyplace Synchronization Server. In Everyplace
Synchronization Server, the e-mail is replicated from a mailbox to a PDA.
Chapter 1. Intelligent Notification Services 31
For this subscription, a user (INSAdmin) must have privilege to the account in the
Domino server. Therefore, each user who wants to have notifications from the
Domino server must have this user activated in the Access Control List.
To begin, select Edit account settings, as shown in Figure 1-16.
Figure 1-16 Edit account settings
To set up of this subscription:
1. Define the name and the password of the user in Domino, and click OK, as
shown in Figure 1-17.
Figure 1-17 Defining the name and password of the user in Domino
2. Create the subscription by clicking New, as shown in Figure 1-18.
Figure 1-18 Creating a Lotus e-mail subscription
32 IBM WebSphere Everyplace Access V5, Volume IV: Advanced Topics
When you create the subscription, you can include the following information
about the subscription:
򐂰 From
If you want notification when the e-mail arrives based on who sends the
e-mail, put the name of the sender in this field.
򐂰 Subject includes
If you want notification when the subject includes special strings, enter those
strings here. Otherwise, it takes all the possible subjects.
򐂰 Priority
Based on the priority of the message, you can filter what you want to receive
as a notification. Possible options are urgent, normal, FYI. If you do not want
to filter notifications based on the priority, select Any Priority in this field.
򐂰 Notification
Two options are available for this field: Once or Always. To receive just one
notification the first time that a match occurs, select Once. To receive
notification every time a match occurs, select Always.
򐂰 Delivery channels options
To receive notification just once by trying all different channels that are
activated in the list, choose Each selected delivery channel in order, until
delivery is successful.
If you want to deliver to all the channels that are selected in the list, choose
All of the selected delivery channels.
Figure 1-19 on page 33 shows an example of this subscription information.
Chapter 1. Intelligent Notification Services 33
Figure 1-19 Defining information about a Lotus e-mail subscription
Weather subscription
Weather subscription is provided by WebSphere Everyplace Access as an
example of what Intelligent Notification Services can do for you. In this sample
scenario, the Intelligent Notification Weather subscription portlet is provided and
obtain all the preferences of different users, validates data, and publishes that
data to the Subscription Manager through the Preferences Manager.
34 IBM WebSphere Everyplace Access V5, Volume IV: Advanced Topics
This portlet requires the following data:
򐂰 City
򐂰 State
򐂰 Weather report, current conditions or forecast
򐂰 Notification, Once or Always
򐂰 Delivery channels, all the delivery channels or just the first one available
򐂰 Suitable delivery channels
Figure 1-20 shows an example of this information for the Intelligent Notification
Weather subscription.
Figure 1-20 Intelligent Notification Weather portlet

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