Appendix A. Portlet development platform installation 425
3. Modify the InstallWASfixes.bat file in this directory so that WSXD_HOME is
set to the directory where you installed WebSphere Studio. For example, SET
4. Run InstallWASfixes.bat from a command prompt to apply the fixes.
Figure A-13 WAS fixes installation
5. Check the message displayed in the command prompt window to verify a
successful installation.
Figure A-14 Installation complete
A.3 WebSphere Studio Device Developer
To install the WebSphere Micro Environment Tools which are included with the
WebSphere Everyplace Toolkit, you must install WebSphere Studio Device
Developer. If you plan to use the WebSphere Workplace Client Technology™,
Micro Edition Tools, you must install Device Developer on top of WebSphere
If you choose not to install the WebSphere Micro Environment tools, you can
choose not to install WebSphere Studio Device Developer. Follow these
instructions to install this product:
1. Insert the WSSD installation CD and double-click launchpad.exe.
2. Click Install WebSphere Studio Device Developer from the installation
welcome window.
426 IBM WebSphere Everyplace Access V5, Volume II: Application Development
Figure A-15 IBM Workplace Client Technology, Micro Edition
3. Click Next to continue past the welcome window.
4. Accept the terms of the license agreement. Click Next to continue.
5. Accept the default installation directory and click Next to continue.
6. Click Yes, enable it to enable WebSphere Studio Device Developer in
WebSphere Studio Site Developer.

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