208 IBM WebSphere Everyplace Access V5, Volume II: Application Development
7.1 Overview
In this section, we show the most important steps required to develop a Web
Service client portlet accessing a local or remote Web Service. In most cases,
the following tasks will be executed:
1. Develop a sample Web Service from a JavaBean. This Web Service will be
used to test and run the Web Service client portlet. The following tasks are
a. Create a sample Web project and import an existing JavaBean class.
b. Using the available wizards in WebSphere Studio Site Developer,
transform this JavaBean into a Web Service so it can be accessed from
portlet applications.
2. Develop a Web Services client portlet to access the sample Web Service.
The scenario illustrated in Figure 7-1 shows how portlet applications can be
easily integrated with existent Web Services without the need to write extra code.
Figure 7-1 Web Services client portlet scenario
The development workstation used to create the sample application is illustrated
in Figure 7-2 on page 209.
WebSphere Studio
Site Developer
WebSphere Test
Environment with
Web Service
WebSphere Test
Web Service
Operational System

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