Chapter 10. Building a portlet for offline browsing 315
Figure 10-5 Exporting the portlet as a WAR file
10.4 Deploy and configure the portlet for offline access
In this section you will log in to WebSphere Everyplace Access server as
administrator, install and deploy the portlet to a WebSphere Everyplace Access
server. You will then configure the portlet to support offline capabilities.
Note: If needed you will also need to provide resource permission to the portlet
and create a portal page for the portlet be deployed.
Execute the following steps:
1. Logon to WebSphere Everyplace Access server with an administrative user.
Click Administration tab after a successful login.
2. Click Portlets and then click Install.
3. Enter the directory where the portlet resides (WAR file). Click Next.
Figure 10-6 Install portlets
316 IBM WebSphere Everyplace Access V5, Volume II: Application Development
4. Click Install and make sure the portlet is successfully installed.
Figure 10-7 Portlet successfully installed
5. Select Manage Portlets under Portlets.
6. Select PDA_Annotate1_portlet and click Modify parameters.
Figure 10-8 Modify portlet parameters
7. Enter the offline-capable parameter entry and true for its value. Click Add.
Chapter 10. Building a portlet for offline browsing 317
Figure 10-9 Adding the offline-capable parameter
8. Click Save button.
9. Click WebSphere Everyplace -> Offline Browsing.
Figure 10-10 Selecting Offline Browsing option
10.Check the portlet PDA_Annotate1 portlet.
Figure 10-11 Selecting the portlet
11.Click OK.
12.You will give resource permission to the portlet so that any authenticated user
can view it. Click Access -> Resource Permissions. Click Portlets.
318 IBM WebSphere Everyplace Access V5, Volume II: Application Development
13.Uncheck all for Allow Inheritance except Administrator and Security
Administrator. Click the pencil mark for privileged User.
14.Click Add on Resource Permissions panel.
15.Check all authenticated portal users and click OK.
16.Click Done.
17.Click OK.
18.Create a page to deploy the portlet (optional)
19.Click Manage Pages under Portal User Interface.
20.Click My Portal.
21.Click WEA Home.
22.lick New Page.
23.Enter Offline Browsing for title entry. Check PDA and click OK. Optionally,
you can check other markups.
24.Click OK.
Figure 10-12 Portlet has been successfully created
25.Now you must see a new page tab Offline Browsing. Click Offline Browsing
26.Click Edit Page to add the portlet to the page.
27.Click Add portlets button.
28.Check PDA_Annotate1_portlet from the Portlet Titles list.
29.Click OK.
30.As shown in Figure 10-13, you will see that the portlet is displayed. Notice
that the content is actually clipped using transcoding plugins for annotators.

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