482 IBM WebSphere Information Analyzer and Data Quality Assessment
2.6 Data integration of North American Bank and
Northern California Bank systems
As mentioned earlier, a business decision was made to integrate the core
(savings, checking, and loans) and non-core services (credit card and auto
insurance) of the North American Bank on the z/OS platform with the core
(savings, checking, and loans) and non-core services (brokerage) of the
Northern California Bank on the AIX platform into the CRM system.
In this section, we describe the following topics related to data integration:
򐂰 Assumptions about data integration
򐂰 IBM WebSphere Information Analyzer features used
򐂰 IBM WebSphere AuditStage features used
򐂰 North American Bank non-core services analysis
򐂰 Northern California Bank non-core services analysis
򐂰 Data integration analysis
Important: A number of assumptions are made about data integration in this
scenario, some of which might not apply to your particular environment. What
we hope to achieve in this scenario is to highlight IBM WebSphere Information
Analyzer functionality (through its reports) that can be used to identify defined
and inferred metadata differences within the same data source, validate the
integrity of data within a data source (within a table and across tables), and
understand the frequency distribution of data within specific data elements.
IBM WebSphere AuditStage is used to ensure business rule compliance of
data within a data source. Such functionality is not currently available in IBM
WebSphere Information Analyzer but is expected to become available in
Attention: Because the focus of this book is IBM WebSphere Information
Analyzer, we do
not describe the procedures for unloading, cleansing,
transforming, and loading of the source data into the target environment.
Those tasks are the domain of IBM WebSphere QualityStage and IBM
WebSphere DataStage and will be covered in upcoming IBM Redbooks

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