xx IBM WebSphere RFID Handbook: A Solution Guide
The team who wrote this book
This book was produced by a team of specialists from around the world working
at the International Technical Support Organization (ITSO), Raleigh Center.
James Chamberlain is a Senior Software Engineer and certified Senior IT
Specialist. He is a project leader at the ITSO, Raleigh Center. He has over 24
years of experience in the IT industry and specializes in pervasive computing
technologies. His areas of expertise include e-commerce, pervasive computing,
portals, AIX®, Linux®, and Java™ programming. He also architects, designs,
and develops solutions using J2EE™, XML, Web Services, and IBM software
products, including WebSphere and DB2®. Before joining the ITSO, James
worked for IBM Global Services on e-commerce system development for IBM
Business Partners. He majored in Computer Science at Iowa State University.
Corinne Blanchard is a Business Consulting Services (BCS) IT Specialist in
France. She has 18 years of experience in the application development field.
She has been working extensively with WebSphere RFID Premises Server and
tools for the last year. She helped customers such as Sernam, Renault, and
IBM-ISC Montpellier to implement, tune, and customize RFID applications using
IBM middleware.
Sam Burlingame is a Software Engineer with IBM Software Group, Application
and Integration Middleware Software. He has worked in Sensors and Actuators
RFID Middleware Test for the past year and a half, specializing in functional and
performance testing as well as test automation. He has been involved with the
testing and improvement of the IBM WebSphere RFID solution from both product
and customer specific standpoints. Sam holds a Bachelor's degree in Electrical
Engineering from Tufts University.
Sarika Chandramohan is a Solutions Architect with the India Software Labs
(ISL) in Bangalore, India. She has five years of experience in the IT industry and
has worked on domains that span mobile solutions, retail and distribution, and
RFID. Her skill sets include C/C++, J2ME™, and J2EE. At ISL she works with the
Distribution Sector Solutions team and is involved with activities that include
pre-sales, solution development, and customer pilots. Sarika has a degree in
Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Bangalore, India.
Eric Forestier is an IT Architect and works at the e-business Solutions Center in
IBM La Gaude, France. He currently is working with the IBM Pervasive
Computing Division and provides EMEA advanced technical support to
Independent Software Vendors, assessing and enabling IBM Partners to include
the pervasive computing assets into their solutions. He has also been a system
software developer, working in various areas such as networking, telephony, and

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