Chapter 10. Monitoring 217
h. Enter tecad_win.conf as a property name, enter the path of the supplied
tecad_win.conf file, and click the check mark button to add the property.
i. Click Save and Close to save the entry.
5. Set the subscribers for the profile manager to include the Premises Server
from which you want to monitor the edge-heartbeats.log file.
6. Import the supplied premises.baroc file.
7. Compile the Rule Base and load it into the Event Server.
8. Distribute the ACP profile to the Premises Server.
After distribution, a new service should exist on the Premises Server. It should
have an ID equal to the Identifier Name that is given to the ACP entry that was
defined above.
This service monitors the edge-heartbeats.log file entered into the LogSources
variable value field in the tecad_win.conf file. New heartbeats that are logged to
this file are converted by the logfile adapter into an appropriate class and sent to
the Tivoli Enterprise Console server.
10.1.2 Monitoring the RFID environment using Tivoli Enterprise
Monitoring your RFID environment using Tivoli Enterprise Console is quite
simple. After the Logfile Adapters are installed, Tivoli Enterprise Console
receives all of the events that those adapters collect from the Premises Server
log files. These events are color coded based on severity and can be filtered for
your viewing convenience.
10.2 Monitoring Other components
Due to the dependence of any system on the proper operation of all its working
parts, it is very useful to monitor other key components of an RFID solution, in
addition to those in the RFID specific domains. You can refer to the
documentation that is included with the software that is used to install the
following components for information about how to monitor those components:
򐂰 Web Infrastructure
򐂰 DB2
򐂰 MQ
218 IBM WebSphere RFID Handbook: A Solution Guide

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