IBM® WebSphere® System Administration

Book description

Make the most of completely revamped administration tools in WebSphere Version 5

IBM WebSphere Version 5 offers a completely rewritten, radically improved infrastructure for administering servers and applications. Now, its creators have written the definitive WebSphere Version 5 administration reference and tutorial: everything you need to manage WebSphere to the highest levels of performance and efficiency.

The authors systematically cover all four WebSphere administration toolsets: command-line utilities, the new Administrative Console, scripting tools, and Java management APIs. You’ll find a complete library of code examples, plus powerful new insider’s tips for maximizing your productivity as a WebSphere administrator.

Whether you’re managing WebSphere Version 5 or incorporating administrative support into new WebSphere applications, this book provides you with the techniques, examples, and tips you need to do it right.

  • Fundamentals of WebSphere administration: servers, nodes, node agents, cells, clusters, and the deployment manager

  • Revamped package structure of WebSphere Version 5 and its implications

  • Process internals, distributed administration features, administrative security, and XML configuration file structure

  • Command-line tools: a complete reference with practical examples

  • Web-based graphical management with the new Administrative Console

  • Scripting the management features of WebSphere Version 5 with wsadmin

  • Writing custom management programs

  • Extending the native WebSphere administrative system with new managed options

  • Using Java administrative APIs to manage WebSphere applications from other products

  • Sum Includes extensive code examples, real-world scenarios, and best practices

  • Table of contents

    1. Copyright
    2. IBM Press Series—Information Management
    3. Foreword
    4. Preface
    5. About the Authors
    6. Acknowledgments
    7. Introduction to WebSphere Administration
      1. WebSphere Application Server Structure
      2. Comparison of the Administration in Versions 4 and 5
      3. Overview of Administration Tools for Version 5
    8. Administrative Concepts and Architecture
      1. Base Application Server Administration
      2. Network Deployment Administration
      3. WebSphere Version 5 Configuration Repository
    9. Administrative Commands
      1. Server Management Commands
      2. Network Deployment Commands
      3. Backup/Restore Commands
      4. Other Commands
    10. WebSphere Administrative Console
      1. Administrative Console Environment
      2. Administrative Console Task Reference
      3. Problem Determination Using the Administrative Console
    11. Administrative Scripting
      1. Wsadmin Scripting Environment
      2. Task Reference
      3. Online Interactive Help
      4. Problem Determination Using Wsadmin
      5. Common Admin Scenarios Using Wsadmin
    12. Administration Programming Interfaces
      1. JMX
      2. Operational Management
      3. Configuration Management
      4. Application Management
      5. Building and Running an Administrative Client Program
      6. Sample Tasks
      7. Where to Find Additional Information
    13. Administrative Integration on z/OS
      1. Process Model Integration
      2. Operations Model Integration
      3. Workload Management Model Integration
      4. Security Model Integration
    14. WebSphere Version 5 Run-Time MBeans
      1. Overall List of JMX MBean Types in WebSphere Version 5
      2. Individual MBean Documentation
    15. WebSphere Version 5 Configuration Models
      1. Overview of Configuration Models
      2. Configuration Model Tables
    16. CD-ROM Contents
      1. Installing the Trial Version of WebSphere from the CD-ROM
    17. CD-ROM Warranty
    18. Index

    Product information

    • Title: IBM® WebSphere® System Administration
    • Author(s): Leigh Williamson, Lavena Chan, Roger Cundiff, Shawn Lauzon, Christopher C. Mitchell
    • Release date: July 2004
    • Publisher(s): IBM Press
    • ISBN: 9780131446045