Chapter 7. HTTP services, servlets and Java server pages 225
<B>Note:</B>If you change the MQe server host information, you should deleted
the local directory &quot;&lt;Device's queue name&gt;&quot; before saving
<B>Note:</B>If you delete the database directory &quot;ITSODatabase&quot; you
will have to reset the DB2e user on the sync host.<BR>
<INPUT type="submit" name="SetButton" value="Save Changes">
<INPUT type="submit" name="CancelSetButton" value="Cancel">
<H2>Demo Data</H2>To insert sample data into the database:
<INPUT type="submit" name="CreateButton" value="Create Sample Data">
To insert local pictures &quot;demo-images\\Image1.jpg&quot;, etc into the
<INPUT type="submit" name="InsertButton" value="Insert Local Pictures">
32.Save the file.
7.4.2 Extending the Tester bundle
Because the new bundle version of the Web application is the running sample
application, we do not need to extend the tester bundle any more.
You can uninstall it from the runtime, if it is still present because we will no longer
be using it.
7.4.3 Web application review
We created a new dynamic Web application project that represents a mock-up of
the completed sample application, then ran it within the WebSphere Test
We converted the mock-up to a Web application bundle and ran it in with the
Extension Services Local Server. It was still just a mock-up, but it was now
running as a bundle in our SMF runtime.
Note that with our modular design, we use the customer, database, messaging
and Web services bundles created and tested in previous chapters and that the
Web application does not know very much about the details of those services or
how they are implemented. The services are all hidden behind their interfaces.

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