Chapter 1. Introduction to Workplace Client Technologies 9
Figure 1-1 Platform structure
Figure 1-1 shows the generic structure of the runtime stack. You can see the
underlying operating system platform, whether it be Windows®, Linux®, PalmOS
or any cell phone or other device operating system. On top of that run the JVM
and the SMF platform. This enables the application loading and execution
environment. On top of the JVM and SMF platform are the services the
application might need such as DB2e, MQe and other application services or
components. These can be written as high-level services, or even delivered as
bundles themselves. This is the basic execution environment, and it is on this
that the overall application presentation and execution is based. In 1.4, “How the
parts fit together”, you will see how all of the platform components, services, and
applications form the user environment.
1.4 How the parts fit together
When an application is developed for WCTME, it is a Java application, and
currently, this application is a J2ME application. Note: Rich UI applications in this
model are Java applications, but this does not preclude you from writing Web
applications and putting the J2EE artifacts such as beans and JSPs into the
bundles and presenting the application to the user in a browser on the device.
While WCTME was originally designed for small devices such as PDAs and cell
phones, the platform is converging with, and moving to the desktop as well. As
the technology and product set evolves, you will inevitably experience some
growing pains. However, those pains should be limited to the naming and
combinatorics of which parts go where, and not the applications themselves.
Specifically, WCTME, as the name implies, is targeted at small, Micro Edition
devices. However, the same SMF platform and Eclipse RCP technology runs on
Driver Driver
Operating System
Bundle (application)

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