Chapter 11. Device management 321
11.2.4 Device Management portlets
Device Management portlets are installed with the WebSphere Everyplace
Access core services. They provide a simplified user interface to create software
installation and removal jobs. For the complete set of options you have to use the
Device Manager Console.
11.2.5 Device Manager Console
The Device Manager console is a Java program that you can use to administer
and monitor the Device Management Server. The console provides functionality
to register and view devices, create jobs for viewing or modifying device or
software properties, view the status of the jobs, and so on.
The Device Manager console can be downloaded from the Device Management
Server and installed on any system. This allows administrators of the devices to
control devices from various terminals and not necessarily on the server. The
Device Manager console requires a DB2 database client for connecting to the
Device Management database.
The first time the Device Manager console is started, it must be able to connect
to the Device Management Server to login and retrieve the properties file. Device
Manager console creates a backup of the properties file and subsequent start up
will not need to connect to the Device Management Server for login and will
connect directly to the Device Manager database for administration.
11.3 OGSGi device sample scenario
This sample scenario shows how to distribute software to OSGi devices using
Workplace Client Technology Micro Edition (WCTME) framework and Device
Manager provided by WebSphere Everyplace Access. In this section, we show
you how to use Device Manager to configure software distribution and software
removal jobs for OSGi devices, and the necessary program code to
communicate ITSO Rentals application with Device Manager server to execute
these jobs.
Before we begin with the scenario, certain configurations have to be completed:
1. WebSphere Everyplace Access server must be installed and configured,
including Device Manager component.
2. A Device Manager administration group must exist.
Note: The Device Manager console connects to the WebSphere Everyplace
Access Subscription Manager to authenticate the user.

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