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Chapter 8. Configuring IBM Workplace
Collaboration Services
network security (SSL)
This chapter discusses the configuration of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) in a
two-tier IBM Workplace Collaboration Services environment and in a clustered
environment. The process is essentially the same in either environment. In a
clustered environment, required actions are performed on the HTTP server, the
deployment manager, the nodes, or both the deployment manager and the
nodes. In a single-server (two-tier) environment, the actions are performed on
the Workplace Collaboration Services server and optionally on a separate HTTP
The process of configuring SSL consists of:
1. Configuring SSL for HTTP client communication.
2. Configuring SSL between the HTTP server and the WebSphere Application
Server Web container.
3. Configuring SSL for Workplace Messaging.
4. Configuring SSL for Collaborative Learning.
5. Configuring SSL with LDAP (we discuss both IBM Tivoli Directory Server and

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