618 IBM Workplace Collaboration Services: Release 2.5 Deployment Guide
A.1.2 Installing the Workplace Collaboration Services software
After you prepare the information required the during Workplace Collaboration
Services installation, the next step is to install the Workplace Collaboration
Services software.
To install Workplace Collaboration Services, perform the following steps:
1. Log in to the Workplace Collaboration Services server using the administrator
account (or an account with full administrator access).
2. Deactivate any screen savers and temporarily disable any firewall software
installed on the Workplace Collaboration Services machine. They might
interfere with the operation of the installation program and the Configuration
3. Insert the Workplace Collaboration Services Setup CD. If you are installing
from downloaded code, open a command prompt and navigate to the
LWPServer folder. Launch install.bat.
4. In the Select a language to be used window, select a language, and click OK.
5. In the “Welcome to IBM Workplace” window, click Next.
6. In the “Select the products that you have licensed” window, select all products
for which you have licenses, and click Next.
7. Accept the terms of the license agreement and click Next.
8. In the “Setup will install IBM Workplace in the following directory” window,
enter a directory path and click Next. For example:
9. Select the appropriate deployment topology and click Next.
10.Enter the fully qualified host name of the machine that will house the
Workplace Collaboration Services products and click Next.
11.Enter an administrator name used to log in to Workplace with administration
authority before security is enabled. Click Next. This ID is not an operating
system ID and does not need to exist in the LDAP directory.
12.Review the options in the installation summary window and click Install.
13.Click Finish to complete the installation.
14.Errors encountered during the install can be found in the installation log,
lwpinstalllog. By default the installation log files are in the
\IBM\Workplace\WorkplaceServer\log directory.
15.When the installation completes, none of the application servers installed by
the Workplace Collaboration Services installation utility (Mail_Server_1,
server1, and WebSphere_Portal) are running. You will start them as part of
the installation verification process.

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