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Chapter 8. Integration with IBM DB2 Content
This chapter describes the integration of IBM Workplace Forms with DB2 Content Manager.
The automation of forms is often a critical requirement in many Content Manager (CM)
installations cross-industry. IBM Workplace Forms can be easily integrated with Content
Manager and thereby delivers a high level of synergy.
To remain within the context of the sample scenario application described throughout this
redbook, we will consider that the Content Manager could ultimately serve as the final
repository for signed forms.
We will provide detailed information on how to integrate Workplace Forms with CM to expand
record management capabilities and build complex workflows for development of document
centric applications. When integrating IBM Workplace Forms with CM, you create
security-rich front-end transaction records with a streamlined, secure content management
Note: The code used for building this sample scenario application is available for
download. For specific information about how to download the sample code, please refer to
Appendix A, “Additional material” on page 333.
Note: All specific examples shown and used when building the sample scenario
application are based on the codebase for IBM Workplace Forms Release 2.5.
250 IBM Workplace Forms: Guide to Building and Integrating a Sample Workplace Forms Application
Note: The Content Manager Demo Platform referred to within this chapter is available as a
VMWare or Ghost Image. It provides a range of products and assets related to DB2
Content Manager, Portal, Workplace Forms, and other products. It is intended for use in
pre-sales/sales and proof-of-concepts.
The Content Manager Demo Platform (CM Demo Platform) can be used internally, or
provided to partners, and contains a working example of a simple point-connector-based
integration of Workplace Forms with CM. In this reference implementation, forms are made
completely self-describing with regard to how they are stored into Content Manager (item
type, item attributes, and optionally, libserver, etc.). The CM Demo Platform reference
integration is genericized and is intended to enable one to integrate any form with Content

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