40 IBM Workplace Managed Client 2.6 on Linux
An aspect of running the Notes plug-in under IBM Workplace Managed Client
that users might find confusing is the availability indicator at the top right of the
window (see Figure 2-22). Though this is displayed in the Notes plug-in view,
keep in mind that this indicates the availability of the user on the IBM Workplace
Instant Messaging service. It does not pertain to the embedded Lotus
Sametime® services with which full Lotus Notes client users might be familiar.
Currently, there is no Sametime services for the Notes plug-in for Linux.
Figure 2-22 Instant Messaging availability indicator in the Notes view
Chapter 2. IBM Workplace Managed Client applications 41
The Workplace Managed Client Notes plug-in gives full access to the Lotus
calender, and it is possible to communicate with other Notes users by proposing
new appointment times, viewing schedules, and accepting meeting dates.
Figure 2-23 shows the calendar.
Figure 2-23 Access your Lotus Notes calender using the plug-in inside Workplace Managed Client
42 IBM Workplace Managed Client 2.6 on Linux
Other Notes applications and databases are accessible using the plug-in, such
as Notes discussion forums or document libraries, as shown in Figure 2-24.
Figure 2-24 Notes Discussion forum inside the plug-in
Chapter 2. IBM Workplace Managed Client applications 43
Documents stored in the Notes document library can be opened and edited using
the editors of the productivity tools in the same framework. This is extended
functionality over the pure Notes client, where you have to install a separate
office suite to do this. Figure 2-25 shows the Notes document library.
Figure 2-25 Notes Document Library
Another very good integration point between the IBM Workplace Managed Client
interface and the Notes plug-in is access to the IBM Workplace Managed Client
document libraries when attaching files to new documents in the Notes plug-in.
Selecting File Attach when in a rich text field of an open document in the
Notes plug-in opens a dialog box enabling the user to browse the file system.
The dialog box also contains a button enabling the user to select files accessible
from the client’s Documents perspective. Therefore, users can attach files from
either their private document library or one of the server-based document
libraries to which they have access directly to a Notes document. See
Figure 2-26 on page 44 and Figure 2-27 on page 44. Additionally, when
44 IBM Workplace Managed Client 2.6 on Linux
detaching or saving an attachment stored in a Notes document, the user has the
choice of saving it to a document library.
Figure 2-26 File Attach dialog box
Figure 2-27 Select an item from a document library

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