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Chapter 6. Troubleshooting IBM
Workplace Managed Client
As we described in the preceding chapters, IBM Workplace Managed Client is a
robust and flexible rich client for our customers and provides much of the
functionality today’s business users require to maximize their daily productivity.
Therefore, given that we have this wonderful, indispensable product that
everyone will rely on to perform their day-to-day activities, what happens if
something goes wrong? The good news is that IBM Workplace Managed Client
has been developed with serviceability in mind from its early stages. It offers a
number of helpful features and capabilities that enable users who experience
any problems to both:
򐂰 Troubleshoot and correct issues themselves
򐂰 Provide IBM Support with the proper information required to aid in correcting
the issue
This chapter provides details about many of these features and offers tips and
techniques for minimizing the impact of errors and problems on your productivity.

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