Chapter 1. Introduction 3
򐂰 IBM WebSphere Everyplace® products
Figure 1-1 IBM Workplace family of products
1.3 What is IBM Workplace Services Express?
IBM Workplace Services Express is software that makes it easy for you, your
colleagues, your teams, and your entire organization to quickly collaborate and
effectively work together. Designed specifically for small and medium-sized
organizations with less than a thousand employees, or departmental needs in
larger organizations, Workplace Services Express enables you to easily create,
edit, and share documents from your own customized Workplace environment.
IBM Workplace Services Express provides document management, collaborative
team spaces, instant messaging, and access to Lotus Domino or Microsoft®
Exchange e-mail and calendars (or POP3 and IMAP e-mail), all from a single,
unified interface. Colleagues and teams can work together easily using intuitive,
adaptable Workplace environments for creating, editing, and sharing documents
right from their desktop or Web browser.
4 IBM Workplace Services Express
Core capabilities of IBM Workplace Services Express include:
Creation of team spaces: Built-in, ready-to-use templates to create
collaborative work environments for users to participate in discussions,
organize a team project calendar, chat with team members, and enable
co-workers to create, search for, edit, and share project documents from their
Microsoft Windows® desktop, Microsoft Office application, or Web browser.
Document sharing: Workplace Services Express is a server-managed
platform, which means that your documents, your information, and your entire
customized Workplace environment are stored on the server. Documents can
be shared in central document libraries, where multiple users can share
documents, edit, participate in approvals processes, and control versioning,
enabling you and your team to work better together.
Drag and drop customization: End users can customize a personalized
experience and add links and business applications with a simple, intuitive
Desktop productivity: Designed to work with what you have, for example,
Microsoft users enjoy easy and elegant integration with Windows Explorer
and Microsoft Office applications, and works with existing Microsoft Office
2000 and XP licenses (as well as Office 2003), without requiring any Office
upgrades to gain advanced collaboration capabilities. Workplace Services
Express also includes editors of its own so that you and your team can edit
and share simple documents, without having to purchase and install
traditional, expensive desktop productivity suites on each PC.
Real-time collaboration: Integrated presence awareness and instant
messaging is available throughout the solution, which helps users identify the
online status of team members and take action with a single click to either
send an e-mail, engage in an instant messaging chat session, or look up that
user in the directory to retrieve additional contact information.
Search: Search capabilities include searching for content across document
libraries, discussion forums, team spaces, and intranet Web sites. Users can
also search for individuals through a People Finder capability and then initiate
collaboration based on the search result, such as initiating an instant
messaging session or creating an e-mail.
Application access: This feature provides the ability to integrate business
applications and information into a single point of access and adds
collaborative services around that access in the context of a collaborative
portal. Tools are also available to help create the application access.
Simplified installation and management: A single server configuration
process that installs the necessary server components and provides unified
management access.
Chapter 1. Introduction 5
Workplace Services Express presents the user with a Welcome page when they
log on to the system. Figure 1-2 shows the Welcome page and highlights the key
components of the page.
Figure 1-2 Quick tour of the IBM Workplace Services Express Welcome page
On the Welcome page, the user has access to the following features:
򐂰 Main navigator: This navigator enables the user to select one of the four main
pages for Workplace Services Express: Welcome, Mail, Team Spaces, and
򐂰 Tools navigation: This is a list of the links to the tools included with Workplace
Services Express and the help system. Depending on the assigned policies,
the user might see links to My Workplace, Templates, Administration, Edit my
profile, Actions, Help, and Log out.
򐂰 Getting Started portlet: This briefly describes the facilities available for the
users of Workplace Services Express.
򐂰 Awareness: This is the indicator for the user’s instant messaging status. It will
normally show “I am available,” “I am away,” or “Do not Disturb.
Main Navigator
Getting Started Portlet
Tools Navigation
IM Contacts
Search for

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